Auditing a Course

Have you ever wanted to learn something new but didn't want to worry about homework or exams? You may register as an auditor*. All of USU Eastern courses are available to community members. Whether you are interested in History, Theatre, Business, Recreation or anything else USU Eastern has a class for you!

easy steps:

Apply for Admission

1) Apply for Admission

  • Print and fill out the Application for Admission.
  • Pay the $40.00 application fee.
  • Mail application and fee payment to:

       USU Eastern
       Admissions Office
       451 East 400 North
       Price, Utah 84501
Register for classes

2) Register for Courses

  • Visit with a member of the advising office for additional information.
  • Using the information provided by the admissions office login to Banner to review courses.
  • Register for desired course(s).**

3) Enjoy your new knowledge!

*USU Class Audit Policy
Regular tuition and fees apply.