Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is college going to cost at USU Eastern?

A: Costs per semester:

Full-time Resident Tuition & Fees: $1610
Full-time Non-Resident Tuition & Fees: $2986
Average Room: $850
Average Meal Plan: $950
Average Books & Supplies: $400

Q: What should I bring to college?

A: Deciding what to bring to college can be hard, luckily we have a checklist to make it easier.

Q: How do I pay online

A: To pay your tuition online you can access your account through Banner. Under Registration go to Pay My Accounts. There is a 3% charge on credit card payments. You may also pay by check, all you will need is your account and routing numbers.

Q: What do I need to become a resident?

A: Living in Utah for a year, filling out the residency application through Banner and contacting Jan Young will start you on the right path. For a more details visit USU's residency website.

Q: When will my financial aid be available?

A: Financial aid begins paying on student accounts on August 20th.

Q: Why doesn't USU Eastern have my FASFA?

A: After the merger with Utah State University, all FASFA applications should use the school code 003677. Please go to and make sure you have entered the correct student code.

Q: Why am I not showing any financial aid?

A: Please sign in to your student account in Banner. Click on the Financial Aid tab and check our unmet requirements. If all requirements have not been met your aid will not be authorized.

Q: How do I set up direct deposit for my financial aid?

A: Please sign in to your student account in Banner. Click on the Financial Aid tab and select Direct Deposit Update. Here you can enter your checking account information (note: your name must be on the checking account entered).

Q: Can I get student health insurance through USU Eastern?

A: Utah State University makes health insurance available for students. For more information go to the USU Student Involvement Health Insurance web page or contact Noell Hansen at (435) 797-0066 or

For more information contact:



Wade Arave
(435) 613-5223
Nathan Jones
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Kristian Olsen
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