More Information

  • Classes run Monday through Friday, six hours per day.
  • Students pay regular college tuition plus the cost of equipment used during training. The equipment belongs to the students - they may take it with them upon graduation.
  • To be a licensed cosmetologist/barber in the state of Utah, an applicant must complete 2000 hours of training in a licensed school of cosmetology/barbering.
  • The number of actual semesters a student spends enrolled in the Cosmetology/Barbering program will depend on his/her attendance.
  • For a Certificate of Completion, a student must complete 4-5 semesters and 2000 hours.
  • A student may also complete an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Cosmetology.

Students will complete classes in:

Permanent Waves Shampooing
Hair Cuts Clipper Cuts
Scalp Treatments Facials
Manicures Pedicures