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Criminal Justice (CJ)
Jason Marshall

Jason Marshall

Police Officer | Adjunct Faculty
Administration & Advancement: Public Safety
Liberal Arts: Criminal Justice (CJ), Physical Education (PE and PRP)

Jason is an alumni of CEU and UVU. He started working in law enforcement in 1996 for the Utah Highway Patrol. As a State Trooper he has worked in Salt Lake, Utah, and Carbon County. He has also served in the Dignitary Protection Bureau. He is currently assigned to the UHP Training Division. Part of his training duties include teaching at the Police Academy. He teaches at the academies at Weber, Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, and POST. He teaches the following topics; firearms, drugs and alcohol, radar, building searches/clearing, rapid deployment. He is also currently teaching firearms classes here at CEU. He has worked part time for CEU since 2008.