College Resources

Financial Aid Office:

The USU Eastern Financial Aid Office will help you find out if you’re able to receive Federal Financial Assistance to help you pay for school.

Call (435) 613-5323 for more information.


Tutoring Labs –

  • Tutoring labs for Math, English/Writing, Science, Accounting, and Computers are available during Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Look for an information flyer at the beginning of each semester with the tutoring lab schedule. You can find one in the Student Center or stop by the DRC for a copy.

Private Tutoring –

  • Volunteer Tutors are available through the USU Eastern SUN Center. Contact the SUN Center at (435) 613-5284 for more information.
  • Paid Tutors are also available for hire through the USU Eastern SUN Center. You are responsible to pay for this tutoring service. Contact the SUN Center at (435) 613-5284 for more information.

Academic Advising:

The Academic Advising Office at USU Eastern is available to help you decide what classes you want to take and how to register for them.

Call (435) 613-5468 for an appointment.