Services NOT Provided

Tutoring Services:

Tutoring is not considered an accommodation under ADA and the DRC does not have a tutoring program specifically for students with disabilities.

Tutoring labs for Math, English/Writing, Science, Accounting, and Computers are available to all USU Eastern students during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Personal Aides and Services:

The DRC does not provide attendants, transportation assistance, or services of a personal nature. Such services are not considered to be educational accommodations under ADA.

Students need to make personal arrangements or seek assistance from community resources for such services.

Diagnostic Evaluations:

College policy will not allow the DRC to pay for diagnostic evaluations, which support a student’s claim for accommodations, nor does the college have professionals on staff that can provide such documentation.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide any requested documentation to the DRC prior to receiving any services.

Financial Assistance:

The DRC does not provide financial assistance to students. Students can seek financial assistance through the USU Eastern Financial Aid Office.