Services Provided to Qualifying Students

Equipment Loan:

Tape Recorder, handheld magnifiers, speller, calculator.  Sorry, wheelchairs and crutches are not available. 

Architectural Access:

The DRC will assist students in arranging access by providing writing desks, chairs, or work with USU Eastern facilities to remove barriers.


American Sign Language.

Alternative Text:

Texts and other materials can be made available in digital format, recordings or large print. 

Note Takers:

Notetaker's in the class provide notes for eligible students.  Notes are sent to the student by email or students may pick them up from the DRC.  

Examination Accommodations:

Extended time, readers, scribes, and distraction minimized testing environment.  

Other Accommodations:

The DRC at USU Eastern is committed to provided reasonable accommodations.  Please contact our office if you require an accommodation that is not listed above.