Interactive Broadcast

In cooperation with the Utah Education Network (UEN), interactive broadcast courses are provided to students throughout the state of Utah. The technologies allow students at many locations to be part of the same classroom and interact in real-time with their instructors and classmates via interactive video technologies. Classrooms located at USU Eastern, USU Eastern Blanding and other cooperating sites, let students in many parts of the state attend classes closer to home.

Broadcast courses are essentially the same as traditional face-to-face courses except students in Broadcast courses attend class via interactive video technologies. The course schedule, meeting times, and requirements are the same as if the student was participating in the classroom where the broadcast is originating.

Broadcast Course Schedules

USU Eastern Courses

Online course are indicated with a ** in the course schedule.

*USU Eastern online course follow the USU Eastern Tuition structure.


USU Distance Education Courses

*USU online courses follow the USU Regional Campuses & Distance Education Tuition structure.