Parents - About Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is sometimes known as "dual enrollment," meaning a student while still enrolled at the high school may qualify to enroll in college-level courses that yield both high school credits needed for graduation and also college credits that are registered on the student's permanent college transcript.

Concurrent enrollment courses are "college level." College level means college level difficulty and expectation, college level grading, and college level consequence. Concurrent enrollment courses are not for every student. Students enrolled in concurrent enrollment courses are expected to perform as college students, and college grading is often much more challenging than high school grading. For every hour of college coursework, a student is expected to spend two hours in additional studies, reading, writing, researching. Concurrent enrollment courses are not for students who dislike homework.

Concurrent Enrollment Registration

You may register online through Utah State University's Concurrent Enrollment Office.

Parent FAQs

View these most commonly asked questions regarding concurrent enrollment.

Tuition Costs

Concurrent enrollment provide a great low-cost way to earn college credit. See how concurrent enrollment tuition compares to traditional tuition at USU Eastern.

Parental Consent Form

The parental consent Form is required for all students to enroll in concurrent enrollment courses.

Utah State Office of Education
Concurrent Enrollment Master List

View the Utah State Office of Education approved concurrent enrollment courses. These courses are not available all high schools. Be sure to meet with your high school counselor to view a list of courses available to you or to request a course.

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Contact Information

Contact information for USU Eastern's Concurrent Enrollment Office and your high school counselors.