Things to do in Price

Food and Dining

Apart from fast food we have many places for you and your family to sit down and have a nice dinner with great customer service.

  • The Tuscan
  • Balance Rick Eatery and Pub in Helper
  • The Silver Dollar Steakhouse on main in price
  • The Country Club on Main In Wellington


Want to do something fun besides roam the local Walmart? heres some awesome things to do !

  • Country Lanes Bowling on Carbonville road
  • Gateway Lanes Bowling on main street in Helper
  • The Game Hub for enthusiastic gamers on 1st north
  • The Price Theater on Main and the King Koal Theaters by Smiths.


Get Out and have some fun! heres some cool activities to get out of price and explore!

  • North Springs Shooting Range by Hiawatha
  • Huntington Lake. Go fishing or play in the water! have a Barbecue. its all up to you!
  • Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry 
  • The USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum in Price

 If you have any more questions or would like to submit a place to have some fun please email us at!