Our Tutors

Tutors for the 2014-2015 School Year!

Tutoring is offered Monday-Thursday *Hours are based on activity bus schedule

Carbon High School:

Arsene Mugisha

Monday 2pm-4pm and Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-5pm

Emery High School:

N/A- Emery High has an after school homework program that GEAR UP fully supports.

Lighthouse High:

Andrew Hillas

Monday-Thursday 3pm-5pm

Pinnacle Canyon Academy:

April Smith

Monday-Thursday 3pm-5pm

Green River High:

Kayce Fluckey 

Monday-Thursday 3pm-5pm

Canyon View Jr. High:

Peter Moulton 

Monday-Thursday 3:20pm-5pm

San Rafael Jr. High:

Mikelle Singleton

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 3pm-5:30pm