How To Get Involved

·         Get To Know Your Neighbors
o   Always having friends around to hang out with, late night discussions and rolling out of bed to get to class in the morning are just a few of the benefits in living on campus. Don’t be shy and be sure to introduce yourself to not only those living in your apartment, but everyone in your building! Friendships not only help you to get through a rough spot, but also will help you to perform better academically.
·         SUN Center (Serving Utah Network)
o   The SUN Center seeks to unite our college and service communities together in productive, volunteer activities that inspire meaningful service, promote a positive image, and develop life-long, responsibly engaged citizens. Opportunities to earn college credit for participating in service activities are available.
o   Serving others benefits the one providing the service just as much as the one receiving it. Service helps to relieve stress, build friendships and find a balance in a hectic schedule.
o   The many opportunities to serve include: tutoring, serving a meal at a soup kitchen, aiding in early childhood classrooms, community clean-ups, helping with recycling efforts on campus, playing with children in after school programs, making baby blankets, singing at local nursing homes, sorting food at the local food bank and so much more!
·         ESA (Eastern Student Association)
o   ESA has weekly, monthly and end of semester activities that you can be a part of. From activities that glow in the dark, to ones that will get you wet; from athletic competitions to monthly dances; from swimming to outdoor activities; there is something for everyone. The weekly activity schedule will be as follows:
§ Tuesdays are reserved for club meetings. Join an existing club or start one of your own. Clubs are a great way to get to know people who share common interests with you. The third Tuesday of every month will be an Inter-Club activity for all clubs to participate.
§ Wednesdays are Intramural nights. You may sign up as a team captain or as part of a team. Even if you're not a varsity-level athlete, intramurals give you an opportunity to compete in sports. Students who don't like to play can still get involved by cheering teams on.
§ Thursdays will have diversity themed activities and also activities themed around useful Student Resources to empower your learning experience.
§ Every Friday and some Saturdays will have scheduled campus events, dances and activities.
·         The Arts
o   Other campus events including lectures, music and theatre performances allow students to be involved and provide education and entertainment.
·         Hall Activities
o   On campus housing will hold weekly activities. The location will rotate among the different halls and will provide social, educational, cultural and service opportunities. Days and times will be advertised in the halls.