Packing List

First Get Organized:
Packing for college takes a lot of planning — you’re moving away from home!  Use our list to help make packing for college less of a chore.  Leave plenty of time to gather the things you plan to bring from home and shop for the things you need well in advance of moving day.
Think Before You Pack:
You will probably be sharing the space, so try to pack as lightly as possible. Begin by walking around your house and think about what you use in each room.
  • Consider a typical day for yourself.
  • What items do you use?
  • What items can you not live without?
  • Find out whether the campus will provide certain items for you.  Remember that a bed, dresser or wardrobe, desk and chair are generally included in a standard room.
  • Be reasonable — college life is supposed to be simple.  You don’t need to surround yourself with every luxury from home.