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      Wage Hourly (Part-time) HX

      Full-time, benefitted, exempt & non-exempt (xls)
          Time Sheet Instructions (xls)

Leave Request Record

Extra Service Compensation

      Extra Service Compensation Request Process

      Extra Service Compensation Form

Payroll Deadlines Calendar


Controller's Office Directory

Click here for a Controller's Office directory
(including contact information and function lists).

Reviewing Paystub Information

Click here for instructions on how to review pay stub information.
(this is a WMV file, don't forget to turn on your speakers)

Employee ID Number Lookup

Click here to find your A-Number (given your C-Number).

How to access copies of your paystubs in the USU system:
  1. Go to
  2. In the page footer (the bottom of the page) click on “Employees”
  3. Under the "Banner" drop-down click on "USU Banner Access Login"
  4. Enter your A# and Password
    1. If you need your A#, and/or password you can find it at
  5. Once you are logged in, it will look and navigate like CEU’s self-service Banner.
    1. Click on the “Employee” tab
  6. Click on “Pay Information”
    1. You can see your Pay Stub
    2. You can see your Earnings History

*In the past at USU
 Eastern, paystubs were emailed on the pay date. Now that payroll is merged with USU, you can access copies of your paystubs by following the directions above. (They will no longer be emailed.) 

You now have the ability to update your own bank information for direct deposit (for payroll, be sure you are in the Employee tab). You can also update your personal information (phone, address, etc.) under the Personal Information tab.