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Name Title
Bales, Vern Accountant - Business and Finance
Baletka, Jennifer Assistant to the Chancellor
Bambas, Sasha Welding Instructor
Becheli, Adjalma V. Head Men's Basketball Coach - Athletics
Beckman, Ursula Receptionist - Cosmetology Department
Bennett, Ammon Soccer Coach
Bennett, Claire Meredith Administrative Assistant - Prehistoric Museum
Bingham, Monica Instructional Assistant - Distance Education
Blake, Donna Assistant Controller
Blake, Tracy Lecturer - Engineering
Blanc, Rachelle Instructor - Workforce Education
Booth, Kim Director - Financial Aid & Scholarships
Bower, Kevin Associate Professor - Math
Bradley, Joy Staff Assistant - Distance Education
Brandt, Darrin Director - Counseling & Disability Resource Center
Brassaw, Lori J. Director - Library
Bulkley, Kris Assistant - Financial Aid
Bunnell, Mark Adjunct Faculty - Geology
Burghardt, Sheila Director - Facilities
Burnside, Karl Program Coordinator - Disability Resource Center