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Jennifer Truschka

Jennifer Truschka

Associate Professor - Political Science
Liberal Arts: Philosophy (PHIL), Political Science (POLS)
Location:  Price - West Instructional Building (WIB) 240
Office Phone:  (435) 613-5626

I grew up around Chicago. I received my B.A. in Psychology and Political Science from Aurora University, Aurora IL.

After receiving my B.A., I went to Northern Illinois University to pursue more formal education. I completed my M.A. in Political Theory. I also took a lot of courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations.  My Master's thesis was on Cicero's De Natura Deorum.

After I completed my M.A. in Political Theory I completed more course work in Political Science and I took classes in Spanish and Portuguese. Throughout my early and mid 20s I visited Brazil. My first trip to Brazil was in 1995. I spent three months there. After two more month long trips I decided to stay for a longer period. In 2000 I went to Brazil and stayed for six months. I worked with DAVIDA. DAVIDA is a Brazilian organization that promotes the legalization of prostitution. I organized their archives, did some minor translation work and other administrative tasks for the organization.

I have been to Brazil four times. My first trip to Europe was in 1996. I spent about a week in Germany and the same in Paris. I have a love for French literature and Paris is one of my favorite international cities. Since my first trip to Europe I have spent some time in Italy, Greece, the South of France and London. I went on an archeological expedition in Halymris, Romania in the summer of 2006. Actually, this site is featured in a recent issue of Minerva (Vol. 18 No.5), a British Archaeological magazine. Last summer I went to Rome and then spent two weeks in Sicily.

Every semester I teach American National Government, Introduction to Philosophy and Western Civilization. Starting next year I will teach Philosophy of Religion every semester instead of every other semester. I also teach Political Theory every other semester and at times I offer Introduction in International Relations and Introduction to Comparative Politics. The administration has expressed interest in the development of an Introduction to Ethics class and possibly a diversity class. As you can see, I teach courses throughout a variety of disciplines.

Aside from teaching I am the faculty sponsor of CEU's first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).  The GSA has been in existence for two years. This semester the GSA hosted a brown bag lunch series on the following topics: legal issues and the GLBT community, homosexuality and Christianity, mental health issues and GLBT youth and hate speech.  In past semesters the GSA has hosted speakers, organized a condom drive for national condom week, started letter writing campaigns and participated in various CEU sponsored events. In March 2007 I presented at the 17th Annual GLBT conference in Riverside, CA on the topic of Sexuality, Spirituality and Christianity.