How To's

To make WPA2 work for Windows XP. Install the following file. You will have to extract the zip file first. If you have Service Pack 3 (SP3) on your computer, you don't need to install this file.

Download file ""

How to remove bad Outlook cached items

When an email comes back undeliverable and the address is correct there may be a corrupt cache. This details how to remove the corrupt items.

How to configure Outlook Anywhere

This is for faculty and staff on the go with a Notebook computer. It gives native Outlook the ability to connect anywhere in the world.

Internet Explorer 7 Fix for Banner

This will faculty and staff use Internet Native Banner if they are using Internet Explorer 7

Reassign your Telephone Extension


 Identifying, Detecting and Dealing with Spyware -- A brief by Tyson Bryner (See file below)

Installing the correct version of Java for Blackboard

For those of you having trouble getting to the Blackboard site, click on the link above for instructions on how to get the proper Java loaded on to your machine.