Internet Explorer 7 Fix for Banner


Banner – IE fix that solves the following problems:


1.Banner quits unexpectedly.

2.Upon opening Banner IE freezes and when you click on more details it shows that there was a problem with jvm.dll




Step 1: Quit all Internet Explorer windows


Step 2: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\"jre" the latest version\bin\client\


Step 3: Copy the file jvm.dll


Step 4: Go to C:\Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator latest version\bin\hotspot\


Step 5: Paste the copied file from Step 3 directory into the Step 4 directory and replace the existing file there


Please note that it is no longer necessary to change any browser settings or remove browser add-ons or use Firefox to go around that problem. Banner works as soon as this file gets overridden.


Fix by Marshall Northcott


Director, MIS


Hawai'i Pacific University


If you do not have a C:\Program Files\Java folder - then a copy of the jvm.dll file is at the it_pub share. Those who do not have permission to that share can contact help desk for assistance.