Phones & Voice

USU Eastern employs a ShoreTel Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system. This system has many more features that are not available on other phone systems. We have included some guides to help you make better use of your telephone features.
Basic use is like any other system with voice mail that is available on or off-campus.
  • On any USU Eastern campus (center or Moab) you can press the voice mail button (or #) or dial 5650 to get to voice mail.
  • Off campus you can dial 435-613-5650 
Three of the most useful features of the phone system are
  • The ability to reassign your extension if needed (for those operating out of two areas or traveling between campuses)
  • The Call Manager (To install this, contact the Help Desk at extension 4357).
  • Office Anywhere (if you travel a lot -- generally for executives, deans, IT staff -- but available for anyone). Contact your IT staff at extension 4357 for information on how to set this up).