Supported Hardware

General Guidelines:

The priority and focus of the Office of Information Technology is to support instructional equipment, administrative computing, networked services, student labs, and telecommunications for the accomplishment of the mission of the college.

The Office of Information Technology does not encourage the purchase of IT Hardware outside of that listed below. Much of the special use hardware that Users or Departments need can be found and used at the Faculty Assistance Center. However, if a department chooses to purchase special equipment instead of using the Faculty Assistance Center, they must accept that
they may need to provide their own support as the vast array of hardware available makes it impossible for the Office of Information Technology
to provide support.

IT Support is confined to installation, troubleshooting and technical assistance only. All costs for replacement parts and/or upgrades are the responsibility of the department requesting service. Also, as with all workstation equipment, all replacement telephones and other accessories must be purchased by the respective department.

Supported Computer Hardware

  1. Administrative Computing assets
  2. IT controlled and managed network equipment (including audio / visual)
  3. Institutional servers (e-mail, web, file, & print, etc.)
  4. Workstations in institutional labs.
  5. Workstations with the following constrictions:
    1. The workstation and/or notebook computer must be the primary computer of the user or a primary computer used for carrying out instruction or faculty/staff duties.
    2. The workstation, its standard internals (processor, memory, hard drive, etc), one Optical drive (CD, CDRW, or DVD, Blueray), network interface, the keyboard, mouse, and monitor will be serviced. No other devices such as scanners, cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), etc. will be serviced. However, support for connectivity for e-mail and calendaring for Phones and Tablets will be provided.
  6. Networked printers attached directly to the network. This has two purposes:
    1. To encourage savings by pooling printing instead of buying a printer for every desk
    2. To limit the various types of printers to be serviced.
Support Telephone/Fax Equipment.
  1. All telephone equipment approved for use by the IT Office.
  2. All Fax equipment under the control and inventory of the IT Office.