Supported Software


The College licenses a limited set of software. This limitation along with limited Information Technology resources make it necessary that a list of supported software is provided. Users can expect to receive basic assistance (installation and basic use training) by the Office of Information Technology with this limited set of software. Users should expect to do individual study or take a class to understand advanced functions and features.
Also, the listed software in not a limitation of which software is allowed, provided the software is properly licensed and contains no malware, but anything outside of what is listed is solely the responsibility of the user to install, maintain, and use.

Software Licensing

All computer software and programs used at the College for institutional purposes must be licensed according to the licensing agreement of the company or individual selling, designing, and distributing that product and in accordance with applicable state regulations, and federal laws. Employees of the College are expected to follow the laws and regulations concerning the use of all programs purchased for and by the institution. Use of any program that is not properly licensed is prohibited and any violation of said agreement by College employees makes them personally liable and could jeopardize their employment with the College.

Supported Software.


    • Workstation Operating System Software
    1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Not Home) Vista Business/Enterprise, and Windows 7
    2. Mac OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
    • Application Software
      • Site Licensed Software
      • Microsoft Front Office Software, (for PC’s and MAC’s) which includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Access, Internet Explorer*
      • ShoreTel Call Manager
      • Freeware
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader
      • Hyper Terminal -- Included in Windows XP
      • FireFox, Safari, and Chrome Web Browsers*
      • Department Purchased Software
      • WordPerfect (not the suite – all departments are encouraged to move their documents to Microsoft Word)
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe Acrobat
      • Microsoft FORTRAN Compiler
      • Microsoft C++ Compiler
    • Information Technology Software
      • Server Software
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or higher
      • Sun Solaris
      • Linux -- Specifically CentOS and RedHat
      • VMS
      • Special Application Software
      • Microsoft Internet Information Server and Apache
      • Microsoft Exchange (for e-mail)
      • Microsoft Developer Software and other special software as needed

*Note: Web Browser snap-ins and add-ons outside of normal ones (such as Shockwave, RealPlayer, etc.) for enhancing the web browsing experience will not be formally supported.