After you obtain your Wireless MAC address

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Android OS

  1. Open up the menu.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select 'About Phone' (usually located near the bottom of the settings)
  4. Select 'Hardware Information'
  5. Your MAC address will be displayed as Wi-Fi MAC address.


  1. Open your settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Your MAC address will be displayed as Wi-Fi Address near the bottom.


Nintendo Wii

  1. Start Wii system without a disc
  2. From the home screen, select the Wii button in the lower left hand corner.
  3. Click on Wii Settings.
  4. Wii Screen One
  5. On this screen, select the right arrow to advance to the 2nd set of settings.
  6. Select the Internet option.
  7. Select the Console Information option.
  8. Wii Screen Two
  9. The MAC address will be displayed on the first line.

Microsoft XBox

  1. Turn on your Xbox console with no game disc in the disc tray.
  2. From the Xbox Dashboard, choose Xbox Live.
    These steps assume you cannot connect to Xbox Live until you finish configuring your Xbox console to use your PC's MAC address. Therefore, you should receive the following message: "Could not connect to Xbox Live. Do you want to troubleshoot your network connection?".
  3. From the Connect Status screen, select Settings.
  4. The 12-digit number at the bottom-right corner of the Network Settings screens is the MAC address of your Xbox console. Do not change your Xbox console MAC address, just write it down so that you can use it later.

Microsoft Xbox 360

  1. Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings.
  2. Select Wireless Information.
  3. The MAC address will be displayed there.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Experience

  1. Got to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard
  2. Select Network Settings
  3. Select Configure Network
  4. Select Additional Settings
  5. Go down one and select Alternet MAC Address
  6. Click Wireless Information
  7. The MAC should be displayed

Sony PS 3

  1. Power up the PlayStation 3 without any disc in the drive.
  2. Once the PlayStation 3 operating system has loaded, select Settings.
  3. Once you are in Settings select Network Settings.
  4. When the Network Settings list appears, select the first option which is titled Settings and Connection Status List.
  5. The physical address will be listed under Wireless MAC Address.