Outlook Anywhere


To configure Outlook Anywhere so that your Outlook 2007 program will function as though it is running on campus do the following:

1. Open Outlook 2007.
Go to Tools, and then Account Settings...

NOTE: If you cannot open Outlook, then you can go to the Control Panel and open the Mail icon and then select E-mail Accounts...

2. Select Microsoft Exchange and then Change

3. Select More Settings...

4. Select the Connection tab and Check the "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" check box and then click the button "Exchange Proxy Settings ..."

5. Fill out the dialog box as shown below.

6. Then click OK to close the Proxy Settings. There may be a pop-up box telling you to restart Outlook for changes to take effect that you will have to click OK. Click OK, Next, Finish, Close. Restart Outlook and put in your user credentials if needed.