Empowering Graduates


Shailee Stokes

Shailee is graduating with an associate’s in General Studies. She has been accepted to Weber State University’s radiologic technology program and will attend classes at Castleview Hospital, in Price. She was the only student to be accepted at Castleview.

Shailee says her time at USU Eastern changed her life by allowing her room to grow.

“Coming from a small 2A high school, I was afraid I would be overwhelmed with the class sizes of a university,” she says. “The fear of getting stuck in the back of the classroom, not being able to focus, made me pretty nervous.”

She says her fears quickly vanished from the moment she started taking classes. In the smaller class settings of the College, she knew she was with friends, not just fellow students. She also appreciated getting to know her professors who always took the time to learn the names of every student and met with them, one-on-one, whenever it was needed.  

“I enjoyed going to class every day,” she says. “I was able to listen and focus without distraction, and was always able to find a seat!”

Another reason to smile. Keep smiling, Shailee!