Police Officer Academy


SFO (special functions officer)

  • 7 week program
  • 6 courses

BCO (basic corrections officer)

  • 7 week program
  • 6 courses

LEO (law enforcement officer)

  • 13 week program
  • 7 courses

All classes will be offered five nights per week, four to five hours, with two Saturday trainings

Students may qualify for financial aid

Application process:

  • General aptitude national peace officers’ selection test
  • Physical test with four components
    • vertical jump
    • sit ups
    • push ups
    • 1.5 mile run.

For more information contact:

Scott Henrie
(435) 613-5135

After a student completes any POST program, they have one year to obtain employment in any law enforcement field before they lose their ability to be certified.