Past Projects

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If they give you an idea for a new service project, simply visit our How to Get Involved link and sign up to lead the effort.

You can also scan our Current Service Projects. If you find one that interests you, just use the contact information associated with that project to get involved.

Active Re-entry

Active Re-EntryActive Re-Entry is a community based program which assists individuals with disabilities to achieve or maintain self-sufficient and productive lives in their own communities. Their mission is: "We are committed to promoting the rights, dignity, and quality of life for all persons with disabilities." In the past, Student Leaders over Active Re-Entry helped with one-time projects such as fundraising garage sales, Christmas activities, cleaning their vans, etc. The projects really just depend on the needs of Active Re-Entry at the time.

"I brought back good memories, I got to help serve and just associate with people." ~Dane Morley

Adopt a Neighbor

Adopt a NeighborParkdale Care Center is a nursing home for elderly members of the community. In the past, Student Leaders over Adopt-a-Neighbor have done a seasonal activity with citizens living at the Parkdale Care Center every month. For example, in December volunteers have made Christmas decorations with the residents of the center to decorate their rooms, dining area, etc.

"I enjoyed seeing their great happy faces with happiness." ~Santos Ocampo

America Reads

America ReadsAmerica Reads is an elementary literacy project. Volunteers go into designated classrooms on a regular basis and help those students who need extra help with their reading skills. The America Reads program is also a club at USU Eastern. Please note, America Reads has only been done at Castle Heights Elementary but can be expanded to other elementary schools in our area. 

"I feel I have made a difference and I have felt really good about it especially when the teacher has thanked me..." ~Jason Skouby


The Breakaway Club is an alternative spring break group who spends their spring break vacation doing service in Utah.   In the last few years the Breakaway Group has been to the Navajo Reservation in Southeastern Utah.   The Navajo Reservation is a desolate part of the United States and the people are as needy as a third world country.   If you really want to feel like you have helped someone, make arrangements to go on the Breakaway Club.   

"I have come to find out for myself the joy of service is the same anywhere you go even if you're not speaking the same language." ~Dane Morley

Castle Valley Center

Castle Valley CenterThe Castle Valley Center is an alternative school in the Carbon County School District for students of all grades who have mental and physical disabilities. The past service projects at the Castle Valley Center have mostly depended on the needs of the school, however one project that is held every year is the Castle Valley Center Prom. Since the high school aged students at this school do not have activities that would normally be held at high school, volunteers hold a Prom for them.

"When they are determined to get a project done, they put their whole hearts into it. Even if they don't succeed they would still have a big smile on their face." ~Erika Flower

Environmental Issues

Environmental IssuesEnvironmental Issues is serving the community in productive and helpful ways in an attempt to increase productivity, beauty, and sociality usually at Nine Mile and around the campus. The leader meets with community members to discuss the needs. Projects have included beautification projects at Nine Mile Canyon and campus clean-ups.

"That is hard but it also honorable." ~Oswaldo Peralta

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian organization that provides homes for families who otherwise could not afford a suitable, decent place to live. In the past, the Student Leader over Habitat for Humanity has organized fundraisers to build new homes, helped clean up lots where future HFH homes will be built, and help work on the homes.

"You don't appreciate what you have until you realize not everyone has what you have. Habitat for Humanity helped me realize that." ~Dane Morley

Head Start

Head StartHead Start is a pre-school for children of low-income families. In the past, the Student Leader over Head Start has mainly planned projects according to the current needs of the pre-school. For example, they have helped clean up the playground, fix playground equipment, paint the building and classrooms, etc. Also, the student leader and volunteers should regularly go to Head Start to play with the children and do activities with them.

"I feel like I made a difference because I got to see how children behave at school, what they learn, and how the react." ~Ammie Brady

Hunger Issues

Hunger IssuesHunger Issues focuses on raising awareness about hunger in our community and helps the Carbon County Food Bank with many projects. In the past, the Student Leader over Hunger Issues has started many successful ongoing programs. For example, the Hunger Banquet, Trick-or-Treat for Food, Bread and Soup Nights, Homeless Night, Adopt-a-Turkey, and others. The Student Leader also has coordinated volunteers to visit the Food Bank and help shelve and box food. 

"I have become even more grateful for the family that I have been given, and how much we have." ~Aubrey Taylor

Kids at Heart

Kids at HeartKids at Heart is an ongoing project that volunteers go to just play around with kids. Who wouldn't want to do that, right? Some of these kids just need some support from people who aren't related to them, also some of the kids don't have the best home life and just need to be shown that life is ment to be enjoyed. This is an amazing project that allows volunteers to see how to connect with kids and just be a friend to them.

"Kids are the future of our world and we need to teach them how to be great human beings, and I enjoy teaching every moment of it." ~Santos Ocampo

Newborns in Need

Newborns in NeedNewborns in Need, Inc. is a volunteer organization that makes and donates essential baby items to hospitals, shelters, and other organizations that provide care for premature, sick, and needy newborn infants. In the past, the student leader over Newborns in Need has mainly helped to make baby blankets and collect baby items like bottles, formula, diapers, lotion, baby powder, clothing, bibs, etc.

"I didn't realize there are quite a few newborns that need blankets, diapers, clothes, and about anything else that can be donated. I am glad I could help the little ones." ~Vicki Petersen

Prehistoric Museum

Prehistoric MuseumThe museum runs primarily on volunteers to perform the  more consuming tasks to help out the director. The leader must meet with Shawna to identify the needs of the museum, then the leader should come up with ideas for projects to meet those needs of the museum, and recruit volunteers to help them.

" was a good opportunity to learn more about the museum an dit felt great when I could help Shawna." ~Whitney Fleetwood

One Time Projects

One Time ProjectsOne Time Projects are service projects based on the needs in the community and on campus. In the past the student leader over One Time Projects has started an on-campus Food Bank for college students who can't afford food, made gingerbread house for charity, etc. The projects really just depend on the needs of our community and school!

"I give our highest thanks for your thoughtfulness." ~Angel Tree Recipient

Youth and Families with Promise

Youth Families with PromiseYouth and Families with Promise is a mentoring program that reaches out to meet the needs of children with various family situations. In the past for family activities, Youth Families with Promise has gone bowling, had marshmallow wars and other fun interactive activities. The possibilities are endless!

"I have had the wonderful opportunity this semester to be able to mentor...Chris and I were paired up and we were able to become great friends by doing things together..." ~John Emett