Service Learning

The Purpose

To provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills acquired at Utah State University - Eastern to community problems.

To encourage students to integrate service into their college academic curriculum.

To instill students the importance of a long-term service commitment.

To provide a way for the USU-Eastern to recognize service as a valuable learning experience, contributing significantly to the intellectual and moral development of a student.



Students completing this program are recognized by:

  • A ribbon of distinction worn on the robe at graduation
  • Acknowledgement of accomplishment in graduation program
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Recognition of service-learning distinction on the transcript
  • An awards banquet honoring student and faculty participants and past Service-Learning Scholars


Integrative Service Project

This project will meet a critical community need and will relate the service classes to the student's volunteer experience, thus showing an in depth understanding of a particular issue. Students work closely with one or more community agencies involved in the interest area.


8 Credit Hours of Service-Learning Classes

This requirement, which can be fulfilled by the normal degree requirements, can be met by taking classes which allow students to connect their course curriculum to community service that the student is doing outside of class. These classes must be completed with a B or better.


Service Learning Classes

These courses have been specifically developed by faculty to incorporate service into the curriculum. The Service-Learning Faculty Advisory Committee reviews Service-Learning class proposals and determines if a class is eligible for a Service-Learning designation.


Service Related Classes

These courses allow a student to develop, under the guidance of a class instructor, a work plan that relates the course content to relevant community service. Participants must develop a work plan prior to the beginning of the semester which identifies:

  • The knowledge they wish to gain from this class within specific reference to the identified service issue
  • Sources of information in which they can obtain this knowledge
  • The relationship between the concepts learned in the course and the service issues under examination


200 Service Hours

Students develop learning goals and carefully document their hours in a detailed journal. 150 servce hours must be completed after joining the program, but 50 can be documented retroactively.