USU Eastern's 2013-2014 Theatre Season
Zombie Prom
Zombie Prom
Music by Dana P. Rowe
Book and Lyrics by John Dempsey and Hugh Murphy
October 10-21, 2013
Young Jonny Warner, who spells his name without “the customary h,’ has fallen for pretty senior Toffee. However, complications arise when tyrannical principal Delilah Strict, sees Jonny as a bad influence, threatening to destroy the “Rules, Regulations and Respect” she has established at Enrico Fermi High. Toffee, yielding to parental pressure, breaks up with Jonny causing him to crash his motorcycle into the main waste treatment silo of the Francis Gary Powers Nuclear Waste Facility. However, death cannot keep Jonny from pursuing Toffee to win her heart, take her to the prom and graduate from high school.
The Real Inspector Hound
The Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard
November 14-23, 2013
The London Times calls this existential farce, “one of the funniest and most brilliant short plays in the language. It is a hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie like melodramas. Feuding theatre critics Moon and Birdboot, one a philandering fussbudget, the other the pompous and vindictive secondary critic to the more popular and talented Higgs are at the theatre to review a new murder mystery in this play-within-a play. As mists rise about isolated Muldoon Manor, Moon and Birdboot become dangerously implicated in the lethal activities of an escaped madman.
by John Patrick Shanley
February 13-22, 2014
Doubt tells the story of Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, who takes matters into her own hands when she becomes suspicious of young Father Flynn’s behavior. The Chicago Tribunes writes that Doubt is, “a beautifully balanced drama.” Time Out reports, “an eloquent and provocative investigation of truth and consequences. A gripping mystery, tightly written.” You are asked to determine for yourself where the truth lies.
The Mousetrap The Mousetrap
by Agatha Christie
April 10-19, 2014
A group of strangers are stranded in a boarding house during a snowstorm, one of whom is a murderer. Filled will traditional characters, a married couple, a spinster with a curious background, an architect whose designs are better in the kitchen than his firm, a retired Army major, a strange little man, a victim of an automobile accident and finally a policeman who arrives late who works to get to the bottom of this mystery.


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