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January 20-24 - Summer Interest Surveys

High school students take surveys for service and sumer programs.

February - Monthly Focus: SCHOLARSHIPS

February 7-8 - UVU College Experience

Visit UVU for academic advising, financial aid, degree orientation, college mentoring, and career experience.

March - Monthly Focus: COLLEGE

March 20 - TRIO Day

Programs available for high school and college students. Games and prizes!

April - Monthly Focus: FAMILY RECREATION

May - Monthly Focus: COMMUNITY SERVICE

May 28 - Upward Bound Graduation

June 1 - Summer Services Begin

Students will be on USU Eastern's campus for a college experience. High school course instruction, social and recreation activities, and academic advising.

Past Events

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2013 - 2014


  • Students traveled to Moab to visit Grand High School while there, they took a tour of the USU Moab Campus
  • Career Exploration: Students met with a teacher from the special education department at Emery High School


  • USU Eastern Campus tour
  • Attended the play Zombie Prom
  • Career Exploration: field trip to explore Hunter Power Plant


  • Career Exploration: field trip to Emery Animal Health Clinic
  • Career Exploration: Wildlife Sciences Department
  • Community Service: delivered Thanksgiving dinner boxes to those who were in need
  • Speech from Angelica Gomez - former Upward Bound student


  • Christmas parties
  • USU Eastern Fan Appreciation Nigh
  • Career Exploration: Nursing Department
  • Discussions with former Upward Bound students
  • Mock job interviews


  • Snow College Snow Blast - Basketball rivalry game
  • Scholarship applications