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At USU Eastern Blanding, you'll earn a top-notch education without burying yourself in insurmountable piles of debt. Plus, USU grads have a high job placement rate. It's a low-risk, high-reward investment you'll bank on the rest of your life.

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Utah State University Tuition

  Utah Resident Utah Nonresident
6 credits 12-18 credits 6 credits 12 credits
Undergraduate Tuition $2,153 $3,729 $6,278 $11,201
Graduate Tuition $2,488 $4,335 $7,969 $14,264
Tuition costs at USU vary. They also plateau at 12 credits, so you pay the same amount for 12-18 credits. Some courses and programs have other fees/costs than those listed above. Student fees may differ depending on the campus location. Please see the Utah State University Tuition & Fees schedule for full tuition information.

For more information including deadlines and agreements see USU Tuition & Payment.

Estimate your tuition and academic scholarship

USU Southeast Campuses Tuition

  Utah Resident Utah Nonresident
6 credits 12-18 credits 6 credits 12 credits
65 credits and under $1,206 $2,184 $3,013 $5,798
More than 65 credits $2,153 $3,729 $6,278 $11,202
Graduate $2,488 $4,335 $7,969 $14,264
Tuition and fees per semester at Moab, Blanding, and Eastern campuses. Please see the Utah State University Tuition & Fees schedule for full tuition information.
For more information including deadlines and agreements see USU Tuition & Payment.

USU Technical Education Tuition

Technical Education tuition is based on the program, course and number of credits earned. Please talk to an academic advisor academic advisor to help determine the cost of your chosen program.

For more information including deadlines and agreements see USU Tuition & Payment.

Not all Technical Education programs are available at all campuses.

Be sure to check the specific degree listings for your campus.

Easily make payments and manage your account online.

Once you have registered for the upcoming semester, you are required to pay all tuition and fees by that semester’s deadline. USU uses TouchNet, an online service where you can view bills, make payments, and manage your account any time. You can also set up an authorized user, like a parent or guardian, to access your account and make payments on your behalf. You can also pay in person at the Registrar’s Office with cash or check.

Tuition & Payment




Opportunity Awaits

General Admissions Scholarships

The Admissions Office has many scholarships for which you may be eligible. Students who apply to USU will automatically be considered for academic scholarships. These are USU system-wide awards and are portable across all USU campuses.

Scholarship Index

This is the point where excellent grades and test scores help you save on tuition. A combination of your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores will determine your eligibility for academic scholarships. If you have been out of high school for more than seven years, test scores are not required.

Comprehensive Scholarship Review

Incoming freshmen who are unable to take the ACT/SAT may request a personal comprehensive scholarship review. Learn more.

More Scholarship Opportunities

Utah State Promise

Utah State Promise

The Utah State Promise is a “last dollar” scholarship for Pell Grant students, meaning USU covers any remaining tuition and student body fees after all other aid is applied to a recipient's account. 

Visit Utah State Promise for more information.

USU Scholarship Applications

Utah State University has partnered with ScholarshipUniverse to assist you in applying for scholarships. The USU General Scholarship Application is a 'matching' system that will match you to institutional and private scholarships. Don't delay, apply now! Scholarship details (including requirements and deadlines) are outlined in the application.

Visit USU Scholarship Application to apply for additional scholarships.

Emergency Hardship Fund

Utah State University’s Emergency Hardship Fund provides grants to students who have encountered circumstances that otherwise cause them to drop out of school.

Visit Emergency Hardship Fund to apply for assistance.

Blanding Campus Scholarships

Listed below are scholarship awarded from USU Blanding. Please select a scholarship and read the details to determine your eligibility.

Uintah County Residency Scholarships

Scholarship offered to Uintah County residents attending Utah State University Uintah Basin Campus.

Applicants must apply each semester by the deadline:
Spring 2022, November 1
Summer 2022, April 1
Fall 2022, July 1

Uintah County Residency Scholarships

After you Apply

Accept your scholarship

If you have received a scholarship offer, complete the acceptance form before the May 1st deadline or as indicated on your scholarship letter.

Appeal a decision

Fill out the scholarship appeal form if you need to contest a scholarship decision.

Contact Statewide Scholarships

Statewide Scholarship Staff

Sara Bunn

Sara Bunn

Scholarship Specialist

Statewide Scholarships

Phone: (435) 613-5273
Office Location: Price, One Stop Student Services
Jessica Prettyman

Jessica Prettyman

Business Manager

Statewide Scholarships

Phone: (435) 613-5256
Office Location: Price, One Stop Student Services
Megan Mower-Harris

Megan Mower-Harris

Business Assistant / Statewide Scholarships

Campus Services

Phone: (435) 678-8112
Office Location: USU Blanding, HSL

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Opportunities

In addition to scholarships, financial aid can help bridge the gap between your finances and what's needed to accomplish your academic goals.



Grants are forms of aid you do not have to repay. Applicants may receive grants based on financial aid. Grants are available through the federal and state governments. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment is not required.
  2. Funding levels may vary from year to year according to legislative appropriation.
  3. To meet tuition deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.


Federal loans allow students or their families to borrow money at low interest rates. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment plus interest is required.
  2. To meet deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.
Work ID

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study program provides funds for jobs for eligible students to help them pay for their education. Keep in mind:

  1. Students are offered the dollar amount that they can work to earn over the course of the academic year.
  2. Student Financial Aid refers students to jobs on or off campus.
  3. To be considered, answer "yes" to the work-study question and submit the FAFSA before the end of March.


To receive federal financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA before our published deadlines. What you will need in order to file:

  1. USU's FAFSA code: 003677.
  2. Your Social Security Number on your application for admission. If you've already applied and didn't include your SSN, you can report it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. A FSA ID, which you can get through the FAFSA website.

Visit to complete the application.

Let Us Help

Contact the Financial Aid Office  |  One Stop Student Services  |  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Erika Ahlheim

Erika Ahlheim

Student Services Coordinator

Financial Aid

Phone: (435) 613-5323
Office Location: Price, One Stop Student Services

Let Us Help

Contact the Financial Aid Office  |  Health Library Science Building  |  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pam Hosler

Pam Hosler

Financial Aid Counselor

Student Services

Phone: (435) 678-8159
Office Location: USU Blanding, HSL 106