Calls for Fire Service

USU Eastern Police provides a call for fire service log for all reports to USU Eastern Police.

Call Type Officer Case# Date Reported Time Date of Incident Time Location Case Status
Structure Fire 29A1 20210061 10/01/21 1245 10/01/21 1245 JLSC Cleared
Outdoor Fire 29A6 20190239 12/19/19 1744 12/19/19 1730 MCC Parking Cleared
Fire Other 29A3 20190092 05/11/19 1700 05/11/19 1700 USUE Gun Range Inactive
Dumpster Fire 29A6 20180142 07/25/18 2311 07/25/18 unk Sessions Hall Parking Inactive
Fire/Brush Fire 29A7 20180075 04/20/18 1955 04/20/18   Archery Range Cleared
Vehicle Fire 29A1 20170068 07/13/17 1436 07/13/17   BDAC Parking Cleared

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    The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), Utah Code section 63G-2-101 et seq., is Utah's open records law and the state equivalent of the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Through GRAMA, the public may request access to certain records maintained by the university. If you would like to access records maintained by Utah State, please visit the GRAMA  information page at the Office of Legal Affairs.