Campus Police

USU Eastern Police BadgeOur mission is to enhance the quality of campus life by providing protection of life, property, and individual rights.

Utah State University Eastern Police Department is concerned about the security and safety of the students, faculty, staff and visitors. The department of public safety has the primary responsibility for law enforcement on the campus.

The USU Eastern Police department is a fully accredited police department consisting of certified officers with full police authority and arrest powers. In addition to the certified officers, the department also employs non-certified officers to assist in the enforcement of college rules and regulations and the safeguarding of the campus community and facilities.

The USU Eastern Police Department works closely with all other police agencies on the local, state and federal levels.




Non Life Threatening Emergency


Tana Christensen

Tana Christensen

Police Sergeant

Campus Safety

Phone: (435) 650-7380
Office Location: Price, PUR

Campus Police Services

Few things in life are offered without a charge. But when you are on the USU campus and have a small crisis, we may be able to help. The following services are offered 24 hours a day at no charge. For these services call dispatch at  (435) 637-0890 for an officer.

Vehicle Jump-Starts

Car battery gone dead? It happens. If a student or staff member needs their vehicle jumped we can assist. An officer will respond to your on-campus location as soon as possible and jump-start your vehicle.

Vehicle Lock-Outs

Locked your keys in your car? No problem. If a student or staff member is on campus or on a street adjacent to campus we can open most cars with our professional equipment.
Note: We rarely damage a car while unlocking it. However, should we damage the car, Utah State University (including any of its departments) are not liable for any damages.

Personal Safety Escorts

USU Eastern is a safe and relatively crime free campus, but if you feel unsafe walking to or from your vehicle or a campus building, contact us for a uniformed officer to escort you. This service is for anyone; you do not have to be a student or employee.

Fingerprint Services

Faculty/Staff/Students - $5.00
Non USUE - $10.00