Care About Childcare

Serving child care needs in Carbon, Daggett, Duchesne, Emery, Grand, San Juan, and Uintah Counties.

Everyone benefits from quality child care: parents, providers, and most importantly, children. Care About Childcare is an exciting online program that the Utah Office of Child Care created in partnership with parents, child care providers, and many other early childhood stakeholders. More than a website, this system helps child care providers showcase the quality in their programs, and gives parents information that will allow them to make good choices for their families. The program does this by matching a family’s specific needs to a child care provider’s specific strengths. The website also provides links to child care and child development resources.

COVID-19 Information
Child care is still available during the COVID-19 pandemic for Utah's workforce and essential employees. Safety guidelines, business resources, and grants are also available for child care providers. For more information, see

Care About Childcare has six agencies throughout Utah that assist parents, child care providers, and community partners by providing referrals, early childhood education, and resources to promote quality child care. Learn more at

Workforce Services Office of Child Care offers a subsidy program that helps parents pay a provider for watching their children. Visit DWS Office of Child Care for assistance.

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