Referrals & Marketing


The Utah Care About Childcare website offers free referrals to regulated childcare providers. When using this website, families in the community are given the names of child care providers in their area. When you become a child care provider, you will be added to our referral database.

Note: We do not guarantee quality or refer one provider over another, and we accept no responsibility for child care providers. We feel that parents are in the best position to select the provider that best meets the needs of their children. Referrals are based on vacancies, scheduling needs, location, etc. Our database lists names in random order to give all providers an equal opportunity to get referrals.


You can now market your program on the Utah Care About Childcare website by posting a description of your program and uploading photos of your program.

The goal of the Provider Marketing Page is to help providers showcase their unique programs and give parents looking for child care more information. When a parent uses the Care About Childcare Referral Database to search for childcare, they will now be able to view photos and a description of your program. You can log into your marketing page anytime and make changes. To create your marketing page log into, scroll down to Program Message and create a marketing message.

Why create a Care About Childcare marketing page?

  • Parents seeking childcare are a computer-using generation and want to search for quality childcare online. If your marketing page isn't there, they won't find you.
  • A marketing page on the CAC website can help combat negative word-of-mouth. Through your marketing page, parents can see for themselves the truth about the quality of your childcare business.
  • It’s free advertising. Free is always a good thing.

What does my marketing page provide?

General Information such as:

  • Contact information
  • Vacancies
  • Hours
  • Types of care provided

Licensing Record

  • There is a direct link to your licensing record on the Department of Health website.

Professional Development (as long as you have provided us with the information):

  • Career ladder
  • Endorsements

Your Personalized Message and Photos

What do I need to get started?

Your marketing page can be completed in less than 10 minutes. You should include a brief description of your program with information such as:

  • Information you would give to a parent who was calling for a referral
    • Your hours
    • Your experience
    • Types of activities you include
    • Any specific focus
    • Meals and snacks you provide
    • What makes you unique compared to other providers?
    • Information about outdoor activities, art, science, school preparation, etc.
  • Photos
    • You can include up to 10 photos showing different aspects of your program.

Let us help

Not comfortable with computers?  Not sure what to do or say?  Let us help. We can walk you through the process. Call us: (435) 613-5619