Geology: BA, BS

Department: Geosciences Department
College: College of Science

About This Degree

Geology is the part of broader Earth Science that examines the solid Earth, its composition, history, structure, and how it interacts with the hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.

In this study of how Earth works, geoscientists integrate knowledge of biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Geologists help us gain energy, mineral, and water resources and evaluate and mitigate hazards due to earthquakes, floods, landslides, and volcanic eruptions, as well as waste disposal and global environmental change.

Students receive a BS by completing all required courses in the major. To receive a BA, students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Emphases (students must choose an emphasis)

  • Applied Environmental Geoscience - Study geology topics as well as watershed science, soil science, biology, and more in this multidisciplinary degree that will prepare you for careers in environmental fields.
  • GeoWorkforce - Through geology, learn the scientific, hands-on, and professional skills necessary in the modern workforce.
  • Hydrogeology-Engineering Geology - Complement your geology education with engineering courses that can help you solve issues related to groundwater.
Special Information

Statewide campus students can begin the Geoworkforce emphasis on the campuses listed above, but must complete the degree on the Logan campus.


Location Restrictions

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Geology BS
Students who graduate with a traditional Bachelor's degree in Geology are rigorously trained and well-prepared to go on for graduate studies in the geosciences. With this standard degree, students can also pursue careers in: energy (gas, oil, geothermal, coal), mining, environmental consulting, and natural hazards assessment (earthquakes, landslide, etc.).

GeoWorforce Emphasis
The GeoWorkforce emphasis within the Geology degree is designed in consultation with industry advisors to provide the practical scientific and professional skills for employment with a Bachelor's degree across broad areas such as: environmental consulting, natural resource and energy extraction, and land management, policy, and government agencies.

Applied Environmental Geoscience Emphasis
The AEG emphasis within the Geology degree allows students to tailor and broaden their training, while including the standard essentials to keep graduate school as a future option. For example, this multidisciplinary degree may be tailored toward careers in environmental fields.

Hydrogeology-Engineering Geology Emphasis
The Hydro-Engineering emphasis in the Geology degree incorporates engineering coursework and provides a rigorous focus toward careers in engineering consulting, environmental cleanup, and groundwater.

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