History: BA, BS

Department: History Department
College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About This Degree

The History Department has been recognized by the American Historical Association as one of 12 outstanding history departments in the United States and Canada, selected for its "brilliant teaching and leadership." The department’s strongest areas include the modern American West, classics, early modern Europe, and the Atlantic World.

USU history majors have the opportunity to work in depth on undergraduate research projects. Students learn how to conduct and present their research all while taking advantage of faculty mentoring, study abroad opportunities, and more. Students learn the skills needed to research, analyze, think critically, and communicate clearly – all of which are highly valued skills in various career paths. About one-third of history graduates from USU go on to teaching, while two-thirds go into law, medicine, or business fields.

The preferred degree in the history program is the BA, which requires proficiency in a foreign language. Students may, however, choose to pursue the BS degree, which requires a significant amount of coursework in the College of Science.

Emphases (an emphasis is not required)

If students choose not to have an emphasis, they will explore a broad and varied history background.

  • History Teaching - Become well-versed in history as you prepare to teach middle school and high school.
Special Information

The History Teaching Emphasis is not offered at the Salt Lake location.


Location Restrictions

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The department’s program develops expertise in the discipline of history as well as broader skills in the liberal arts. In other words, the curriculum not only provides specialized academic training but also prepare students to work in a variety of fields. Historical study develops one’s ability to investigate problems, identify reliable sources, analyze information, contextualize complex questions, and communicate conclusions in a clear and thoughtful manner.

The training and skills students develop with a history degree open doors to a range of careers in fields, such as:

  • Preservation and historical education (researcher, cultural resources management and historic preservation, national park service)
  • Communicator (writer and editor, journalist, documentary editor, producer of multimedia material)
  • Information manager (archivist, records manager, librarian, military intelligence, foreign service)
  • Advocate (lawyer and paralegal, litigation support, legislative staff work)
  • Businesses and associations (corporate historian, contract historian, historian in nonprofit association)

History Teaching Emphasis

  • History teacher in middle school or high school

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