Nichelle Frank


Assistant Professor

Nichelle Frank

Contact Information

Office Location: USU Eastern, WIB 236
Phone: (435) 613-5019

Educational Background

PhD, History, University of Oregon, 2020
PhD, History, (United States History), University of Oregon, 2020
Sanitizing History: Environmental Cleanup and Historic Preservation in U.S. West Mining Communities
MA, History, Colorado State University, 2012
MA, History, (Public History), Colorado State University, 2012
Denver Goes to the Movies: Engaging National-Scale Identity Shifts from Movie House to Movie Palace, 1900-1940
BA, History, Colorado State University, 2009
BA, History, Colorado State University, 2009
Examining the Role of Film in Depression-Era America


My research and teaching expertise are in the fields of U.S. History, with emphasis on the U.S. West, environment, and historic preservation.

Teaching Interests

I teach primarily survey U.S. History courses as well as women's history and public history. I am looking forward to teaching history methods, U.S. West, and environmental history courses in the coming years.

Research Interests

My research is in the field of U.S. West history, primarily history of the environment and historic preservation. My doctoral research was on the overlap of environmental and historic preservation projects in hard rock mining communities in Montana, Arizona, and Colorado, such as the preservation and treatment of industrial spaces and mine waste sites.


HIST 1700 - American Civilization, Fall 2020
HIST 2710 - United States 1877-Present, Fall 2020
HIST 4550 - Women and Gender in America, Fall 2020