Zurich Services

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

You can enroll in additional, voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance through Zurich. This election can only be made as a new hire and then every year during open enrollment. Coverage can be for employee only, employee and spouse/domestic partner, or employee plus spouse/domestic partner and children.

Travel Assistance

When you sign up for Zurich AD&D you also have access to their travel assist program and business travel accident.

Coverage includes:

  • Medial assistance
  • Information assistance
  • Security assistance
  • Personal assistance
  • Legal assistance


If you’re covered under The Hartford’s Group Life or Accident insurance policy, you have access to BeneficiaryAssist® counseling services provided by ComPsych.

The Hartford provides expert support to help employees or their loved ones cope with the emotional, financial, and legal issues that arise after a loss. This also includes 24/7-unlimited phone contact with professionals, as well as five face-to-face sessions that help with topics such as grief and loss, job pressures, stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship/marital conflicts. Beneficiary Assist is included with our Life and Accident coverages.

  • Professional help after loss or terminal illness
  • Handling a spectrum of needs with compassion and expertise
  • Financial information and resources
  • Legal support and resources

HealthChampion Health Care Support Service

For employees enrolled in The Hartford's Group Life insurance program.

Employees enrolled in a Group Disability plan from The Hartford receive unlimited access to Benefit Specialists and nurses for administrative and clinical support to address medical care and concerns about claims. This assistance can help them understand their health care options, find the right resources, and resolve issues in a timely and fair manner. Services include claim and billing support, explanation of benefits, cost estimates/fee negotiation, information related to medical conditions and available treatments, one-on-one review of their health concerns, and support to help prepare for medical visits. HealthChampion is included with our Short-term and Long-term disability coverages.

Administrative Support

  • Explanation of your benefits
  • Cost estimation for covered and non-covered treatment options
  • Guidance on claims and billing issues
  • Fee and payment plan negotiation
  • Explanation of appeals process

Clinical Support

  • Review of health concerns
  • Preparation for upcoming doctor's visits
  • Answers regarding diagnosis and treatment
  • Coordination with health care plan providers
  • Referral to community resources and support groups

EstateGuidance Will Services

For employees enrolled in The Hartford's Group Life insurance program.

The Hartford helps employees protect their family's future by creating a customized and legally binding online will using a simple but comprehensive online questionnaire. EstateGuidance also provides an online education center and support from a licensed attorney. Additional services include creating living wills and trusts along with guidance about divorce proceedings and durable power of attorney. This is included with our Life coverage.


Use the code WILLHLF

  • Access The Hartford's EstateGuidance Will Services online
  • Sign in to the secure site by entering the access code.
  • Follow the instructions and create your will.
  • Download the final will to your computer and print.
  • Obtain signatures and determine if your will should be notarized.

More EstateGuidance Information

Travel Assistance and ID Theft Protection

For employees enrolled in The Hartford's Group Life insurance program.

The Hartford provides pre-trip information that helps employees feel safe and secure while traveling. This includes information about whether a visa or passport is required, immunization or inoculation requirements, foreign exchange rates, and embassy referrals. It also provides access to medical professionals across the globe when traveling 100+ miles away from home for 90 days or fewer. In addition, ID theft protection is available 24/7 whether home or away. ID theft protection offers educational materials on how to prevent identity theft and access to caseworkers who can help victims resolve problems that result from it. Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection is included with our Life, Accident, and Long-term Disability coverage.


  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Pre-trip information
  • Emergency personal services
  • Identity theft assistance