Internship Opportunities

Students in these programs may earn college credit for working in a job directly related to their field of study. Coop Ed/Experiential Learning and Internships can be full- or part-time, temporary or regular, paid or non-paid positions at or near the entry level in any given field.

Program Benefits

  • Provides the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical problems on the job.
  • Allows students to work with professionals in the field they are preparing to enter.
  • Students in these programs are generally more committed to their academic fields.
  • Interns are often exposed to advanced technology and equipment in a learning environment that is not available on campus.
  • Students learn the competitive nature of the job market and what is needed to prepare for the best career positions.
  • Students get the competitive edge in the new-graduate job market.


Zak Konakis

Zak Konakis

Professional Practice Assistant Professor - Apprentice & Internships

Technology, Design, and Technical Education (TDTE)

Phone: 435-637-5214
Office Location: Price, TECH


Info for Students

Interested in an internship?

Currently have a job?

  • Complete the Internship Application.
  • Make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator.
  • Enroll in the appropriate Cooperative Education course.

Current internship student?

Info for Employers

Hiring an intern

  • Contact the Internship Coordinator for help finding an appropriate intern.
  • Post employment opportunities using Aggie Handshake.
  • Use the Job Classification Guide to help determine appropriate pay rates.

Benefits of being an intern host

  • Receive workload relief
  • Partnership and support with local college
  • Return on your investment
  • Possible job candidate—like a trial run

A Successful Internship

A Successful Internship: A business matched with an USU Eastern Intern supported by an Internship Coordinator and Instructor