Reflection Room Guidelines

Reflection Room Usage

Use of the Reflection Room requires tolerance of all faiths, spiritual beliefs, and practices. All who enter this space have common expectations; here are guidelines to help ensure a peaceful and safe experience for all:

  • Restricted to the purpose of personal reflection, meditation, or prayer
  • Available for USU students, faculty, staff, and their guests (in the presence of a USU member)
  • Sleeping is NOT permitted.
  • Candles, incense burning, or other smoke, fume, fragrance or flame-inducing elements are NOT allowed.
  • Noise, including conversation, music, singing, or audible chanting is prohibited, and efforts should be taken to keep all sound to the strictest minimum.
  • Any form of solicitation is prohibited.
  • While in the room, it is prohibited to use electronic devices. Please do not text or talk on your phone while in the room.
  • Food is not permitted in the room.
  • Please limit your stay to 30 minutes if others are waiting.
  • The space is open to ALL people affiliated with USU at all times during the operating hours of the buildings unless specifically reserved for the Library & Learning Commons program use.

Violation of these requirements may result in banning of individuals from the space.


The Reflection Room is located in the Library & Learning Commons on the second level.
Should you have any feedback, please contact the LLC front desk at (435) 613-5209.