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The Prehistoric Museum creates understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural processes that formed the geologic, fossil and prehistoric human records found in eastern Utah. We do this through educational and interpretive programs based upon our academic research, preservation programs, authentic exhibits, and the creative efforts of our staff and community.


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Explorer Glacier, Turnagain Arm Alaska by Charlie Johnston

Charlie J. Johnston: Turning Life into Art

This exhibition tells the story of naturalist Charlie J. Johnston, through his paintings, natural history collections, and detailed sketch books. He served as the Curator of Exhibitions at the Science Museum of Minnesota, as the first national Interpretive Specialist for the Fish and Wildlife Services, and as artist and naturalist for the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center of Minnesota and for Oregon’s West Eugene Wetlands Partnership.


Rock Art

Eastern Utah Rock Art

Utah is an extraordinarily rich state in terms of its archaeological past. Indians have lived in every part of the state from extremely ancient times, and have left rock art reminders of their presence in all parts of the state.



What do you get when you combine a mega-blockbuster science fiction movie and the scientific proof to back it up? You find out that reality is more shocking than fiction. Utahraptor is the largest of all raptor dinosaurs. It is also the oldest of this family, living approximately 125 million years ago.