Eastern Utah Student Association (EUSA)

Student Government

Eastern Utah Student Association (EUSA) is a student-run group, which serves the voice of students at USU Eastern, advocating for their needs and rights. EUSA is an organization for the entire student body, acting as the liaison with university staff, faculty, and administration.

EUSA Officers

EUSA President

Executive VP

VP of Activities

Administrative Assistant

Hailee Pett

Clubs/Org Representative

Mackenzie Wright

Event Coordinator

Sofia Crompton

Publicity Representative

Kennedy Poulton

Student Advocate

Alayne Jenkins

Operations Manager

Jack Tillman

Publicity Representative

Mary Thayn

Diversity Representative

Tiara Otterson

Operations Manager

Emma Parkinson

Traditions and Alumni Representative

Sadie Judy

Athletics Representative

Sydney Sandoval

Bachelor & Non-Traditional Representative

Marcos Suarez

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No matter your area of interest, there is something for you. You have the opportunity to be involved in everything from clubs and service to event planning and marketing.

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Clubs & Activities

Serving Utah Network (SUN) Involvement Center

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

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Objectives of EUSA

Be an organized structure so that students' voices can be represented to the university administration, faculty, staff, and the community.

Provide further opportunities for holistic development for students through social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual activities.

Ensure student involvement in administrative and academic policymaking.

Ensure a voice in the allocation of student fees.

Ensure a voice in the approval of second-tier tuition.

Develop and maintain a current mission statement that is in direct harmony with the Utah State University Eastern mission statement.

EUSA Constitution

EUSA By-Laws