Student Wellness

You have access to a variety of resources to support your health and wellness. Some services may be available in-person, while others you will access remotely. If you have connections about connecting with any wellness service, your success coordinator can help.

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Assisting Students in Distress

The purpose of this resource guide is to help you recognize symptoms of student distress and identify appropriate referrals to campus resources. Think. Care. Act. Help Students in Distress.

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Health Services

USU Eastern Student Health Services are provided in partnership with Eastern Utah Women's Health and are available to all USU Eastern students, all genders. Keep your health in check with USU Eastern Health Services.

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Mental Wellness

Students have access to professional therapists who offer confidential psychological assessments to identify therapy options to help you improve your mental health. View Mental Wellness resources available at USUE.

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Physical Wellness

Physical activity has been proven to be a boost to a person's well-being. It is just as important as staying mentally fit. Find out what Physical Wellness options are available to USU Eastern students.

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Relationship Wellness

Everyone enters relationships with different ideas and perspectives influenced by family, previous relationships, the media, and more. Learn how to create healthy relationships with Relationship Wellness resources and support.

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Aggie Wellness

USU is dedicated to providing wellness support to Statewide Campuses. Services vary based on location, however, all have access to many of the resources. Explore the Eight Dimensions of Wellness at USU.

Learn more at Aggie Wellness.