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Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

Katie Freeman is the Prevention/Supportive Measures Specialist serving the USU Eastern campus. Please contact her to request a training, seek supportive measures, or collaborate on any sexual misconduct prevention and response programming.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.


Katie Freeman

Katie Freeman

Prevention/Supportive Measures Specialist


Phone: (435) 613-5023
Office Location: Price, WIB 131
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As part of our comprehensive health and safety program, USU requires all students who are enrolled in a non-certificate, degree-granting program for 6 credit hours or more per semester to participate in a sexual misconduct prevention training each academic year. These trainings empower students to make informed decisions about issues that affect our USU community.

The following student groups are required to participate in additional sexual misconduct prevention and bystander intervention training each academic year: leaders of student organizations, members of fraternities and sororities, and student-athletes.

  • Continuing students are required to complete an online sexual misconduct prevention course each academic year, typically during the fall semester. The refresher courses build on content that was covered in the incoming student trainings, and each course addresses different components of sexual misconduct.
  • Incoming students, including first-year undergraduate students, students returning from a leave of absence, transfer students and first-year graduate students, are required to complete the sexual misconduct prevention training during their first semester at USU.

Questions about the student sexual misconduct prevention training requirements can be directed to, or you can visit for more information.

Upstanding Bystander Intervention Program

“Upstanding” is a bystander intervention approach for the prevention of a variety of problematic situations. The purpose of the Upstanding training is to prepare members of the USU campus community with the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively intervene when they sense a threat or potential harm to another.

Threats could include sexual misconduct, drug and alcohol misuse, bias and discrimination, depression or suicidal thoughts, and interpersonal violence. Learn more about Upstanding at

Supportive Measures

Whether or not you want to pursue the Office of Equity grievance process, you may receive supportive measures, such as academic accommodations or changes to on-campus housing, class, or work schedules. You may request supportive measures by working with the Supportive Measures Specialists in the Office of Equity.

On the Eastern campus, you can schedule an intake with Katie Freeman.

For more information about education, reporting, university policy, and resources that serve all USU campuses, visit

Building Healthy Relationships


Healthy relationships are an important component of overall health and wellness. USU provides resources through SAAVI (Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information) and can connect you with outside resources to support safe and healthy relationships.

If you feel unsafe or want to talk to someone about an experience, contact SAAVI*.

Phone: (435) 797-7273 (crisis hotline)
More information: Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide

*SAAVI is a confidential resource. Contacting our office does not notify the university about a sexual assault.