Tutoring is free to all USU Eastern students.

Academic Tutor Center

We are here to help you develop competencies in your academic subjects. We have tutoring available in math, chemistry, anatomy, and other subjects.

The Academic Tutoring Center is located in the Library & Learning Commons (LLC). We provide individual and group tutoring Monday through Friday. Hours vary depending on the subject.

See Academic Tutor Schedules below.

Writing Center

Tutoring in writing is offered through the Writing Center. We offer tutoring for any writing project in any class at any stage of the writing project.

The Writing Center is located in the West Instruction Building (WIB) Room 228.

See the Writing Center for schedules and more information.

Student Support Services Tutoring

Student Support Services (SSS) provides one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects at various times throughout the day.

SSS tutoring is available in the SSS office, the Nexus or the LLC. You will meet your tutor in JLSC 225. They can then work with you at whatever location you feel the most comfortable.

See the Student Support Services for schedules and more information.


Academic Tutoring Center

Debbie Pearson

Debbie Pearson

Instructional Designer

Academic & Instructional Services

Phone: (435) 613-5716
Office Location: LLC 107

Writing Center

Michaelann Nelson

Michaelann Nelson

Associate Professor


Phone: (435) 613-5215
Office Location: WIB 247 B

Student Support Services

Rachel Lund

Rachel Lund

TRIO Program Coordinator / Student Success Advisor

Student Support Services / Upward Bound

Phone: (435) 613-5436
Office Location: JLSC 225

ACADEMIC Tutor Schedules

Because of COVID-19, walk-in tutoring is temporarily closed, however our services are available online via Zoom. See below for Zoom instructions.

Tutors follow the academic schedule, so tutoring is not available on holidays, school breaks, and weekends unless special arrangements have been made.

USU uses Zoom for audio/video conferencing. See Meeting Basics: Getting Started for information on how to use Zoom.