Meal Plans

Choose from a variety of meal plans and find the one that best fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, getting something to eat is always easy with a simple swipe of your student ID card.

Why purchase a meal plan? Eating in the dining room gives you time! You don’t have to grocery shop, prepare, decide, or cook, saving you time for study, socializing, and more. Another key reason for a meal plan is relationships. Eating in the dining room allows you to bond and make friends. Students get a sense of belonging when they eat together, filling a void you might have being away from home. Our dining room has family-size tables where groups can enjoy their meals together.

*If you are living in on-campus housing, you are required to purchase a meal plan.

Meal Plan Prices

48 Meals

(3 meals per week)
Cost: $530

80 Meals

(5 meals per week)
Cost: $700

160 Meals

(10 meals per week)
Cost: $1,280

240 Meals

(15 meals per week)
Cost: $1,920

Meals can be used at any time during the semester. There are no refunds if meals are not used by the end of the semester. Meals plans are valid in the café or grill.

Single Meals


Cost: $8.00


Cost: $9.95


Cost: $9.95

Breakfast in the dining room is worth getting up for! One-time-through access to yogurt/cereal bar and your choice of made-to-order pancakes, French toast, egg sandwich, breakfast burrito, scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, and hash browns.

All-you-can-eat lunch includes salad bar, yogurt/cereal bar, soup, main entrée that changes daily with protein, starch, and veggie to balance out your meal.

Dinner is specially prepared each evening with taste and nutrition in mind.

*Prices are subject to change. Use Aggie Express and receive 10% off all single meals.