First Year Experience Checklist

We want your First Year Experience at USU Eastern to be successful!
Here are some suggestions:



Enroll in USU 1010 - University Connections. This 2 credit hour academic course is designed to ease your transition to USU Eastern by helping you understand the purpose of higher education and how you can intentionally take advantage of the many opportunities and resources available to you as a college student.

As part of Connections, you will connect with your instructor, Student Success Leader, and participate in a fun event Friday night!


Planning for College Success Course

Enroll in USU 1020 - Planning for College Success. This 1 credit hour course focuses on the theory and practice of effective planning, including time management, organizational skills, adult mindset, and motivation.


Personalized Academic Advisement

Visit with your academic advisor. They can help you build a balanced schedule every semester and recommend courses to take within your major. You should meet with your academic advisor twice a semester and talk to them about your academic and career goals.


Faculty Mentor

Visit with your faculty mentor. They are the experts in their field of study and want to help you succeed. They can also recommend courses to take within your major. You should visit with your faculty mentor at least once a semester.


Serving Utah Network "SUN" Involvement Center

Volunteer with the SUN Involvement Center. The SUN center provides volunteer opportunities throughout the campus and community. Volunteering is a great way to connect your academic experience to real-life opportunities.


Contact the Orientation and First Year Experience Office

For information on any of the activities above, contact Liz Prettyman at, (435) 613-5588.