Off-Campus Housing Options for Married Students

USU Eastern does not own or manage married housing on campus. In an effort to help married USU Eastern students secure housing, this list is provided as an informational resource. 

We provide this off-campus housing list as a service to students. However, it is important to note that the university neither approves nor endorses the apartments listed. Many of these accommodations are conveniently located near campus. As off-campus housing regulations, standards, conditions, costs, and appearances vary widely, it's crucial for students to thoroughly inspect and compare units and understand contract terms before committing. Off-campus housing agreements are solely between tenants and landlords, and USU is not involved in any capacity.

Off-Campus Housing Considerations

If living off-campus, consider the following:

  • What are typical utility costs? Which utilities are included in rent? What utilities must be set up on your own and split among roommates?
  • When are you allowed to move in?
  • What is required to apply? Do they run your credit? What is the application fee?
  • How much will it cost to live there? How is payment accepted? How often, and when is rent due? What is the security deposit?
  • Who do you contact if you have a maintenance issue while living there?

Off-Campus Housing Contacts

Name Contact Phone Contact Email Address Website
Michael Furner (435) 650-6484    
Eastgate Apartments (435) 525-2069   1170 East Main Street, Price Eastgate Apartments
Cedar Hills Apartments (435) 650-2665 1220 East 800 North, Price Cedar Hills Apartments
Roscrea Village (435) 636-0606   1680 East 300 South, Price Roscrea Village
Foxbourough Apartments (435) 637-4930   655 East 300 South Apt. 8, Price  
RE/MAX Bridge Realty (435) 291-1238   95 North 100 East, Price RE/MAX Bridge Realty
Woodside Apartments  (435) 637-9412   635 East 300 South, Price  
Castle Country Apartments (435) 637-9306   275 South 1600 East, Price