Small Business Development

America's SBDC UtahThe Utah Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) have training, tools, and access to consultants to help business owners succeed in starting, growing, and transitioning their businesses.

With free, confidential consultation and free or low-cost training, Utah's SBDC Network is here to help you. Assisting business owners at any stage of their business, the SBDC's certified business consultants are here to answer your questions.

The SBDC can help when you need assistance to:

  • Make actionable plans to get started
  • Assess your current operational needs
  • Get ready to grow your market
  • Prepare for funding to accelerate your business
  • Get ready to transition out of your business

Offering workshops, online training, and confidential one-to-one consultation—the SBDC is here for you.



Warren Tyler Agner

Warren Tyler Agner

Small Business Development Center Specialist

Aviation & Technical Education (AVTE)

Phone: 435-613-5460
Office Location: Reeves 163 Price, UT
Jessie Lobato

Jessie Lobato

Custom Fit / Small Business Development Center

Center for Workforce Development

Phone: (435) 613-5440
Office Location: Price, RV 166


Custom Fit LogoCustom fit will help assess training needs, procure and/or facilitate training and help pay for up to 50% of approved training costs.

Businesses that take advantage of customized training strengthen their business by increasing skills, efficiency, and employee loyalty.