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Pre-Health Exploratory Advising

Academic Advising offers a number of resources for students to explore possible medical fields, sample first semester class recommendations, math paths, and common requirements for various medical programs. 

Pre-Health Exploratory Advising

USU Health Professions - How to Begin

Interested in Health Professions and want to find out more?  Students are able to sign up for Pre-Health Listserve and receive information about upcoming opportunities and visiting health school recruiters.  The Health Professionals Advising page also provides information for students to explore medical schools and learn more about the requirements for admission.

USU Health Professions

USU Health Professions Advising Canvas Page

Preparing for medical school is not easy, however, for students who are disciplined, proactive, and committed, it is a completely achievable goal. The single most important thing you need to do to be prepared for medical school applications is to be a unique, well-rounded individual with meaningful life experience. You will also need to work diligently to build a strong science foundation. You should continually pursue your own interests, whether it is athletics, research, music, service, etc. These activities, and what you learn from participating, will be what makes you unique. These Canvas courses are general outlines to help you be ready to apply.

USU Pre-Health Canvas Advising

Utah Health Scholars

The Utah Rural Scholars (RHS) Program prepares students for admission to graduate healthcare programs. Through a series of academic and non-academic experiences, students increase their likelihood of being accepted into medical, dental, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician assistant, nursing, podiatry, optometry, veterinary, healthcare administration and allied health schools.

Utah Health Scholars Program

Cultural Immersion Trips

Students in the Rural Health Scholars program are invited to take part in a cultural immersion trip, which are offered several times per year.  These trips to international and domestic locations provided heeded healthcare services for underserved populations.  Current trip offerings include locations of the Dominican Republic, Panama, Salt Lake City, and the Four Corners region.

Cultural Immersion Trips

BIOL 1060 - Pre-Health Professions

Career exploration in Pre-Health professions. Weekly presentations on careers by health professionals and development of career related skills, including exploring professional school admission requirements, honing professional school applications, investigation of research and professional shadowing opportunities.

It is recommended that students enroll in BIOL 1060 their first year at USU Eastern as the course prepares and informs students in what to do as an undergrad to be successful in applying to health professional programs.  This class is offered both in the fall and spring semester.

USU Eastern Pre-Health Advising

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